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Active from 2003 in Palermo, CLAC is a resilient organisation!
We develop new projects that promote innovative cultural services and products.
The key feature of CLAC’s work is the capacity to adapt to changing contexts. That’s why we believe in the resilience of communities and we strive so that project development and cultural innovation may be the basis for the transformation of our territory.

We define ourselves a “cultural enterprise” to give new ethical and political meaning to the idea of self-entrepreneurship. That’s why we support projects and enterprises that chose to share resources and give priority to access rather than ownership.

Our business model is not defined by a single sector or by specific functions, but is based on the interaction between the world of culture and other worlds. We prefer working in open and creative groups, and enhancing the potential of place, knowledge and people.
CLAC sees its cultural work as the capacity to move within diverse social and economic systems, using crosscutting capacities.

Some of our work includes:

  • Management of cultural projects
  • Promotion of cultural heritage
  • Support of creative industries
  • Promotion of community-based tourism
  • Work in the sharing economy
  • Development of social innovations

We manage a coworking and homestay in Palermo >